North Gaia Site Plan



    1. Guardhouse

    2. Water Atrium

    3. Water Arrival Court

    4. Coach Bay

    5. Water Aisle

    6. Arrival Lobby

    7. Water Courtyard

    8. Meeting Room

    9. Tranquil Courtyard

    10. Co-working Space


    11. Family Lawn

    12. The Family Party Room

    13. Gym

    14. Steam & Changing Room

    15. Yoga Deck

    16. Family Deck

    17. Kids Dancing Fountain

    18. Heron Water Play & Splash

    19. Aqua Gym

    20. Aqua Walk

    21. 50m Leisure Pool

    22. Sun Deck

    23. Poolside Lawn

    24. Garden Trail

    25. Spa & Jet Pool

    26. Relaxing Lounge Deck

    27. The Function Room

    28. The Dining Room

    29. Restroom

    30. Swing Garden


    31. Pool Deck

    32. 50m Lap Pool

    33. Cabana

    34. Sensory & Fragrance Garden

    35. Exercise Lawn

    36. Tai Chi Lawn


    37. Jogging Path

    38. Fitness Circuit

    39. Free Play Lawn

    40. The Entertainment Room

    41. Kids Adventure Playground & Mini Flying Fox

    42. Mini Rock Climbing Wall

    43. Trampoline Garden

    44. Whimsical Play Garden

    45. Maze Garden

    46. Lotus Pond

    47. Lotus BBQ Pavilion

    48. Firefly Garden

    49. Firefly BBQ Pavilion

    50. Spice Garden

    51. Spice BBQ Pavilion

    52. Herbs Garden

    53. Herbs BBQ Pavilion

    54. Reading Alcove

    55. Drinking Fountain

    56. Tennis Court

    57. Relaxation Lawn


    58. Picnic Lawn

    59. Game Courtyard

    60. Putting Green


    a) Ramp to Basement 1 (with Trellis)

    b) Service Gate

    c) Side Gate

    d) Park Connector Side Gate

    e) Generator (with Trellis)

    f) Bin Centre (at Basement 1)

    g) PUB Water Meter

    h) Smart Locker

    i) Transformer (at Basement 1)

    j) Substation (at Basement 1)


Nature Lives With You, Within You

The hum of serenity, the grace of balance and the majesty of lush magnificence dance in unison around you. At North Gaia, you just feel it – it is part of you.

Embrace a home that echoes the adored qualities of Mother Nature herself. What you have is a haven that gives life in an organic kaleidoscope of possibilities, bestowing these gifts unto the flow of every day. With vim, vibrancy and full of heart, this is a place that is instinctively yours.


A nourished lifestyle is life at its best

Live life as it was meant to be lived, at North Gaia. Freed from the burdens of the city, partake in a soothing lifestyle of simple pleasures.


The magic of the mangrove is yours to roam


Behold your private, picturesque kingdom

A landscape of serenity and stillness, your very own private oasis. Withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the city - into an embrace of tranquility. Rediscover that inner peace you never knew you lost, at North Gaia.


Why have a backyard when you can have a forest?

Unencumber yourself from the stresses of modern life - hideaway in the shelters of green. Frolic, play, and cut loose in one of Singapore’s last refuges of nature.

Within lies a place of wonder and colour

Rejuvenate your mind and senses - with a welcoming abode of tranquil serenity designed especially for your relaxation.


A welcoming landscape of peace and serenity

Come home to a lush landscape of natural beauty and modern conveniences. Spaces of peace await you, designed to meet your every need.



With a Smart Locker designed for convenience, parcel dropoffs and pick-ups have never been easier.


Drive your way to a smarter & greener future - with electric vehicle charging service from Go by City Energy. Do your part for Mother Earth as we build a greener, more connected city together.

A harmonious union of productivity and comfort

Work, study, play - there’s a spot for everyone, whatever you’re up to. With state-of-the-art facilities for work, entertainment, and more, you’re never too far away from productivity.


The Function Room


Co-working Space


The Dinning Room

Two 50m pools for workouts and leisure


1. Heron Water Play & Splash
2. 50m Leisure Pool
3. Aqua Walk

A sanctuary for your body and mind - the two 50m pools beckon you in, for an experience of exclusive paradise.


Fitness begins at home

Be spoilt for choice with a myriad of amenities all around you. Play host to family and friends, work up a sweat, or just kick back, and enjoy the beauty around you. You deserve it.



For all the catch-ups and heart-to-hearts

Escape to serene spots of tranquility for those treasured moments with friends and family - take a breather and watch the world go by at your own pace


1. Spice BBQ Pavillion
2. Herbs BBQ Pavillion


A private verdant sanctuary of your own

Intimate trails of light, sound, and wonder unite in the Firefly Garden, creating an community teeming with life. Explore nature at a pace of your own with footpaths and jogging trails bringing you closer to Mother Earth.


Firefly Garden


Play and exercise across wide open spaces

1. Adventure Playground & Mini Flying Fox
3. Mini Rock Climbing Wall
4. Trampoline Garden
5. Whimsical Play Garden

Engage your body in open spaces for fitness and vigour - where adventures of adrenaline lie in wait for all ages. Play and exercise across wide open spaces


Home is always where the love is

Come home to a world of comfort - an intimate place of warmth and spaciousness, of luxury and style.



Cherish a vast comprehension of space

Thoughtfully designed - take pleasure in an uncommon spaciousness and a generous balcony, lending itself an ambiance of openness - finer living, personified.

A smarter, more personal home

A showcase of modern sophistication - each apartment comes fitted with contemporary furnishings, progressive colour schemes and luxurious fittings, a true union of function and form.




Cherish the hearts of your home

Creature comforts made easier. Each home comes fitted with a suite of appliances for modern living, designed for effortless ease of use and instinctive accessibility

Disclaimer: Optional configurations are not provided by the Developer. The costs of any optional configurations shall be borne by the Purchaser.


Your custom den for work and play - THE SMART SPACE

Make your house a home with the optional configurations of the SmartSpace. The flexible SmartSpace gives you the square footage for customisation you need. Say goodbye to restrictions, say yes to your dream home.


High-tech meets the high life

At North Gaia, smart home integration is easy with our Gateway and Google hub which links and manages your smart devices. Gateway home hub lets you control all your smart devices through the hiLife app, and it can automate different scenario settings for various occasions. For instance, a welcome home scenario can be set when you have reached home after a long day at work, a simple voice control to Google to play soothing music and activate the aircon. The Google hub adds convenience to your daily life through voice command, allowing you to execute cool features such as weather forecasts, reminders or play music. What’s more, with the smart air-conditioning provided, you can control the timing and temperature remotely. Live your life easier in North Gaia with our smart home system.

Smart Home: The unit will be supplied and installed with the following items (“SMART Home System”): a) Smart Home Gateway, b) Smart Voice Assistance, c) Air-Conditioning Control System. The make, model, brand, design and technology of the SMART Home System to be supplied and installed in the actual unit may differ from the above illustration and are subject to change. Terms and conditions apply. Buyers shall liaise with the smart home vendor instead of the developer to make all arrangements for the set up and configuration of, and for any queries, defects, maintenance and/or upgrade issues with the SMART Home System at buyers’ own costs. Items/devices which are not listed above are not included in SMART Home System and may be purchased from the smart home vendor directly and installed at buyers’ own costs after the handover of the unit.

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